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Free Your Mind NOLA

Founded in 2018.

Sarah Wroblewski, LPC, wanted to create a safe
space where people could heal from trauma.

After working with many clients, Sarah picked up on a
common pattern: despite talk therapy, trauma-related

symptoms would still creep into clients' daily lives, ne-
gating their progress. Why? Because trauma goes

beyond the mind. It directly impacts your body and
energy. Yet, the mind gets all the attention.

With additional transformative ways to heal, FYM
NOLA grew with offerings that treat not just the mind
but everything else that makes up a person: their body,
energy, and spirit. By incorporating EMDR, AIT, and
other modalities, FYM NOLA now offers a holistic
way to heal your *whole* self with a sustainable,
therapeutic approach.

Meet the Team.

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Sarah Wroblewski, LPC; Founder

The basics:

10+ years of experience as a Licensed Professional

Counselor and Trauma Recovery Coach trained in EMDR & AIT.

Why I love what I do:

You are more capable than you think you are, and you do have the ability to retake control of your life—I love helping my clients discover that! For years, I've helped people uncover hidden patterns that have kept them stuck. By combining coping skills and guidance with their own motivation to do
the work, I've seen my clients get their heads above water and flourish.

The Game Changer:

Empathy! I know, from first-hand experience, how impactful it is to pick yourself up following a trauma. It inspired me to pro-
vide the same compassionate, effective 
support that I found essential in managing anxiety and deepening my self understanding. It was life-changing for me. I hope it

will be for you too.

Why Should you work with me?

Counseling is personal. There's a path to
healing, but it starts with having a good

connection with your guide. As a cli-
ent-centered therapist, if you feel like we're

not a fit, that's ok! I encourage everyone to
find a counselor that they connect with.


Madison Lusco P-LPC

As your counselor, I want to empower you to explore and manifest the changes needed to meet your goals. I believe our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs all interact and affect our behaviors. It can be hard to identify our true emotions. Our thought processes can be overwhelming or stifling. Sometimes our behaviors do not match our belief system. How do we get to this point? If you find yourself stuck and wanting to understand how you reached this state, I am the counselor for you.
Therapy is a collaborative process between you, the client, and me, the counselor, with you being the expert on your own life and experiences. I firmly believe that by understanding how our thoughts and feelings developed into what they currently are, we can identify what is no longer working and create new coping skills and solutions.
I have experience with clients dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. These can be tough and vulnerable topics to endure. Doing this type of work for yourself is challenging. My goal is to establish a sense of safety and support for you to express yourself. Thank you for taking the time to see if I am the best fit for you.

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