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Group Therapy

Strengthen your healing progress with a
community's worth of empathy.

8 Week Therapy Accelerator

Get back to living your life with a concentrated approach to your healing journey.

Trauma can be isolating.
Who says healing has to be?

Process your trauma and augment your journey with
extra support from group therapy. Gain insight, tools,

and resources while boosting your relationship dy-
namics. Best of all, group therapy helps you build on

key skills like listening, communication, and account-
ability—things you might not otherwise gain in the indi-
vidual accelerator or individual therapy. Led by FYM

NOLA Founder Sarah Wroblewski, LPC, this group is
open to those with previous therapy experience.

Get out of that “stuck” feeling.
Anxiety has a way of bubbling up even after you've
explored your trauma in talk therapy. You might still
struggle with negative self-talk, crippling fear, or a
lack of control—but you can get back to your life. The Accelerator is an intensive process that uses EMDR,AIT, and skill building to support your healing journey.
Like fitting a year's worth of therapy into eight weeks, you'll work through your trauma and learn the tools and resources to help you show up fully for your day-to-day and beyond.

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